Touch Switches

Make your walls beautiful and smarter with our touch switches. Ranging from Single to 4 Touch switches, Fan Dimmer, Light Dimmer, Doorbell and much more.

Remote Control

Take control of all your appliances without even leaving your couch. Our ergonomically designed remote lets you control all your devices at a time.

Mobile Application

The Mobile Application lets you control your home, set scenes,
schedule your appliances and automate your home.

Back-end Device

Wise Remote Control is designed for use in all places where electrical fittings have been used. Wise Remote Control (IR) is a receiver unit of small size which gets accommodated inside the switchboards (Both concealed and normal). It’s a retro fitting, plug and play solution wherein no changes are required in existing wiring or electrical fittings during installation.

Automation for Swing Gates

We provide automation for Swing Gates with various load capacities based on the weight of your gate. Now you can remotely control your main gate from your comfort zone.

Automation for Sliding Gates

We provide automation for Sliding Gates with various load capacities based on the weight of you gate. You can remotely control your main gate from anywhere.

Hand Sanitizer

An ideal touch free sanitizer dispenser that keeps you safe and healthy. Experience the convinience with touch free sanitization. Click here for demo.

Smart Video Door Call

You can see & talk to your visitor without opening the door. When visitor presses the doorbell, you will recieve a video call on Indoor Monitor, so that house owner will be able to verify. This devices can be integrated with your smartphone. Answer your visitor by using onetouch mobile app.

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