AI Powered communication

We provide world class AI powered Unified Comminication Solutions based on Open Source Technology. Whether is is for small business or large corporate, our solutions empower to streamline the business communication and enhanced team efficiency. We revolutionise the way you engage with voice, video, messaging and AI (PBX/Chatbot/Voicebot)

  • IP BPX
  • Call Center solution
  • IP Based PA System
  • AI Chatbot
  • CRM Solution
  • IVR
  • Voice logger
  • Conferencing solution
  • Cloud telephony solution
  • Firewall & VPN
  • SBC
  • PRI Gateway
  • SIP Gateway
  • Media Gateway
  • COTS Server
  • SIP Speakers
  • VoIP Minutes
  • SMS solution
  • IP Phones
  • Headset
  • PRI Cards

AI-Powered IP PBX Solution For Your Business. We bring you powerful and cutting-edge AI-Powered PBX solutions, designed to revolutionise your business communication infrastructure.


  • AI Voice bots
  • IVR with conversation AI
  • Auto attendant with virtual assistant
  • Smartphone as an extension
  • Web-based receptionist console
  • Video calling & conferencing
  • Seamless integration with existing PBX
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Intelligent call management
  • AI Chatbots
  • Voice logger
  • Audio conference bridging
  • Distributed office setup
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party software

Call Center Solution for Small, Medium and Large enterprises. Our call center operation requires a proactive, scalable, end-to-end solution to monitor and manage all processes. It provides visibility and control over the performance and productivity of your call center. Our call center solution is an Omnichannel Solution with all the advanced features to suit as per your business requirement.


  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Voice Logger
  • Real-Time Call Monitoring
  • Inbound and outbound dialer
  • Voice blasting
  • Click to Call
  • Multilevel IVR
  • Missed call alert
  • Real-time Call Reports

Video Conference Solution – HD Conferencing (Premise & Cloud) Solution. It helps you to connect & collaborate with your remote offices eliminating the barriers of distances, time & locations. Thereby, help your business to reduce cost & increase productivity. It enables businesses to engage in multi-party video calls and delivers high-quality multipoint HD video conferencing over Smartphones, Laptops, Desktops & Tablets.


  • Presentations
  • Whiteboard and text tools
  • Record and Playback
  • Documents Sharing
  • Users
  • Chat

IVR stands for an interactive voice response, is a technology that allows businesses to connect with consumers using pre-recorded voice messages and DTMF / voice input through a keypad to automate inbound calls.


  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Improve Productivity
  • Manage Large Volume Calls
  • Personalised Experience
  • Generate Leads
  • Getting Feedback

Our voice logger is an ideal call recording solution for any business which ensures to improve better customer services. Our voice logger system supports ISDN PRI, IP, Analog line and mobile to record all the incoming and outgoing calls for quality monitoring, training, disputes resolution and regulatory compliances. With its advanced features, flexibility and easy to use, it helps the organization to increase the productivity and customer satisfaction with higher quality management.


  • Improved Quality
  • Avoid Data Errors
  • Performance Management
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Agents Training
  • Real-time data

Enable on-demand, Instant voice assistance for online visitors at the click of a button and Provide personalised voice-based assistance to your customers right when they need it. Helps the clients to make significant decisions that could benefit from expert guidance in real-time, for example, during complex financial planning, while choosing healthcare options, or making insurance and large ticket purchases.


  • IVR

PRI Gateway gives the freedom to connect any enterprise telephony equipment to any internet based next generation network. Using a high precise 5ppm clock and multiple CODECS for voice and fax ensures full ISDN quality. With the integrated header and routing manipulation capabilities a smooth migration for all enterprise equipment and network requirement is guaranteed.


  • Multiple SIP registrars
  • Multilevel alternative routing
  • Black / White list
  • QoS routing
  • Header & number manipulation
  • Codec translation & transrating
  • Overlap / en-block conversion
  • Integrated SIP registrar & location Server
  • Integrated E-SBC feature set
  • ISDN supplementary services Conversion
  • Advice of Charge (AoC) generation
  • Full IP routing & firewall capabilities
  • Remote provisioning
  • VPN
  • SNMP

SBC connects any IP PBX to any Internet-based, next-generation network. With integrated E-SBC functions for any signaling adaptations, SBC is an ideal demarcation point for the interface between enterprise premises and wide area networks. The two Ethernet interfaces allow a physical independent connection to LAN and WAN.


  • Multiple SIP Registrars
  • Multilevel Alternative Routing
  • QoS Monitoring & Routing
  • Header & Number manipulation
  • Codec Translation & Transrating
  • Overlap / En-block Conversions
  • IP Address & Port Blocking
  • Black/White List
  • Topology Hiding
  • Self Learning VoIP Firewall
  • Toll Fraud prevention
  • Integrated SIP registrar & Location server
  • Full IP routings & firewall capabilities
  • NAT Traversal
  • Remote provisioning
  • TDM & LTE/ UMTS backup
  • Low Power Consumption

IP Phones are plug and play deployment that provides effective collaborative experience with customers and among the team.

The ergonomically designed phones are equipped with all advanced features that the modern business environments demand and suitable for both small business and large office applications. It is interoperable and compatible with all the major SIP based PBX / softswitch / IMS platform.


PRI cards are high-performance, cost-effective telephony cards available with carrier grade optional hardware echo cancellation. The card allows up to 96 (T1) or 120 (E1) channels and allows integration of legacy telephony systems with emerging Voice-over IP (VoIP) technologies.
Designed to work with Open Source based VoIP platforms such as Asterisk® (e.g. PBX in a Flash®, FreePBX® Elastix®) & FreeSWITCH®. It supports industry standard telephony protocol families. Both line-side, trunk-side interfaces along with advanced call features are supported.

We provide a powerful CRM which has rich features to manage your customer data and sales activities with a 360° View. The CRM solution brings all the team activities into one platform at every step of the customer journey thus improving the efficiency of the team. It focuses on the major workflows that are often used, making the solution affordable for businesses of any size.


  • Open Source Technology
  • Automation
  • CRM with in-built Dialer
  • Deployment Option
  • Seamless Integration
  • 24/7 Support
IP Based PA System

Our system is an IP-based public announcement system that lets you make voice broadcasts from a centralized location with IP devices like IP Phones, Soft Phones, etc.
The corporate premise is divided into multiple zones, each zone contains multiple speakers. Each zone has a unique address and the zones may overlap partially or completely depending on the organization’s requirements.
The solution is used for background music broadcasting, scheduled broadcasting, emergency alarm broadcasting, automatic broadcasting, and more.
Based on standard SIP protocol, It is compatible with third-party endpoints or system products. At the same time, all API interfaces are available and can be directly used or implemented with other systems.

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