Walli Controller

Place Walli Controller wherever you want it and manage the smart home automation with one press of a button.

  • Wireless
  • Long battery life
  • Powered with battery or by DC
  • Smart automation trigger
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Adjustable LED color
  • Fits Walli cover plates


Dimmer 2 is a compound dimmer switch unit adjusting luminous intensity which, despite its small size combines many practical functions.

  • Brightness regulation
  • Power switch
  • Energy meter
  • Fade in start function
  • Wireless communication
  • Smart notifications
  • Wide range of opeartions

Smart Dimmer Switch with Wireless Dimming Solution

Smart dimmer switch with wireless dimming solution, gives the smart dimmer switches new ability.

  • Mode Switching
  • DIY Linkage
  • Smart 3-Way Control
  • Step Dimming

Smart Switch with Wireless Switching Solution

The smart switch can be used with smart light,and also be used for scene control when the switch is idle

  • Smart Light Control
  • Scenario Linkage
  • Mode Switching

Bluetooth Smart Gateway Socket Solution

This solution allows you to develop a socket that can be used as a Bluetooth gateway and supports remote control of nearby Bluetooth devices through Wi-Fi or an app.

  • Switch
  • Countdown
  • Light Mode
  • Child Lock

Wi-Fi_Bluetooth _Zigbee Smart Cost-Efficient Contact Sensor Solution

The smart contact sensor solution uses a cost-efficient magneto-resistance sensor and enables developers to customize sensibility as needed. The smart contact sensor monitors the door and window status in real time and can be applied to various scenarios.

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